About The Artist


Hi, my name is Andy. I’m a professionally qualified artist based in the UK who creates and sells individual tattoo designs for customers all over the world. I also teach Art and Design to students with behavioural and educational needs. On top of that I paint custom murals and canvases for both adults and children.

All my designs are all hand drawn and custom made to order. I was recently ranked number 4 in the UK – and 33 out of over 18,000 in the world – amongst custom tattoo artists on a well known bespoke tattoo competition website. I also design freelance for various other companies in the UK and America. I have my designs inked on various famous sports people and actors from the UK, USA and Canada.

I find it extremely satisfying to know that people have my designs on their body all over the world and I always refuse to close a job or receive a final payment until the client is 100% satisfied that they love the piece of art we have produced together.

Thanks for looking and any feedback at all is greatly appreciated or visit my Gallery.

You can read a little more about me below in a newspaper interview I did last year with award winning journalist and writer John Woodhouse