Tattooed Design Pricing

My pricing is based on the size and complexity of your tattoo. Here are some guidelines to give you a sense of what your custom tattoo design will cost. Whether you’re getting the smallest dragonfly or a full-back football stadium, you’ll receive the same value.

100% custom design

Money-back guarantee

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One-on-One with Professional Artist


SMALL £25/$42 (add colour £5/$8)

Small designs are generally one singular item and cover 2-3 inches of skin e.g. bird, butterfly, text of names


MEDIUM £40/$68 (add colour £10/$16)

Medium designs are average size tattoos between 4-6 square inches of skin. This might have a couple of elements combined and is the most popular size for most peoples tattoo designs.


LARGE £60/$103 (add colour £15/$24)

Large designs consist of intricate detailed pieces that typically have several elements combined into one great piece. Large designs tend to be big enough to recognise the elements from a distance. e.g. half sleeve


EXTRA LARGE £80/$136 (add colour £20/$32)

These designs are sometimes custom priced, negotiated between ourselves, however I am pretty consistent. NO SINGLE DESIGN WILL EVER COST MORE THAN £100 IN TOTAL. These include many design elements and are generally full tattoo sleeves, chest to half sleeve and 3/4 leg pieces.

All these prices are accurate guides based on hundreds of completed tattoo designs sold over the last 5 years. However, every piece is ultimately custom priced based on the size and intricacy of the project. Once you send me your idea we can talk together to quote it and make sure it fits your budget. You have no obligation to purchase anything, all our quotes are free.